Nakiri 菜切り



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  • Optimised for vegetables
  • Handmade in Seki, Japan
  • Distinctive antimicrobial copper stripes
  • Kebony maple wood handle
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This characteristic Japanese double-bevel blade shape is optimised for vegetables and has quite a cult following. Its thin blade slices easily and its large surface can be used to scoop up food. We’ve added a little curve to allow some “rock-chopping” as well as up/down chopping and the rounded corner prevents it from catching on the board.


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Handmade in Seki

Samurai swords have been made in Seki for 800 years. Now the best kitchen knives in the world are produced there. Eight craftsmen are needed to make a Samurai sword, each a specialist in one part of the process. That is how to achieve the absolute best quality. At TOG we follow the same philosophy. Our blades are passed between eight tiny, specialised companies in Seki. Each knife is unique. We number each blade in celebration of these differences.


We have worked with our partners in Seki to create TOG’s unique 21 and 17 layer steels. These contain alternating layers of antimicrobial copper which give TOG knives their distinctive stripes. Like a Samurai sword, these steels have a hard central core steel for sharpness, surrounded by softer steel layers for strength.


The handle of a knife is every bit as important than the blade. Ask a chef. We believe our handles are as comfortable as any in the world. We designed a unique ‘side scoop’ for added control. They are made from Kebony maple wood as it is natural, sustainable, water resistant and beautiful. Finally, to celebrate old and new coming together – a key aspect of Japanese culture – we have laser etched a 600 year old pattern on to each handle as a grip.

""If you are looking to invest in only one quality knife in your lifetime, you should seriously consider a TOG.""


Chef/Owner, The West House Restaurant, Kent (Michelin Star)

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Length of cutting edge 140mm
Overall length 265mm
Blade depth 44mm
Weight 139g
Layers 21
Number of metals in blade 3
Core steel Acuto 440
HRC (Rockwell hardness of core steel) 59±1

Used weekly on Saturday Kitchen Live BBC1

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