A Higonokami is a Japanese non-locking pocket knife. Designed in 1896, it is characterised by its ‘chikiri’ – the forged lever used to open the knife. They are great for opening packaging, sharpening pencils, cutting fruit etc.

The only person allowed to call his knives ‘Higonokami’ now is 5th generation blacksmith Mr Nagao, based in Miki. We have worked with Mr Nagao to create this range of hand made Higonokami for TOG.

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Higonokami MiniHigonokami Mini
Higonokami Mini JAPANESE FOLDING POCKET KNIFE (1½" / 3.7CM) Sale price$48.00
Higonokami ClassicHigonokami Classic
Higonokami Classic Japanese Folding Pocket Knife (2¾" / 7.1CM) Sale price$38.00
Higonokami StainlessHigonokami Stainless
Higonokami Stainless JAPANESE FOLDING POCKET KNIFE (2¾" / 7.1CM) Sale price$80.00

"Beautifully made. Exceptionally sharp Higonokami blade."


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