If the knife has been mis-treated e.g. has been:
– put in a dishwasher
– dropped
– used for other tasks eg. as a screwdriver or for prising a tin open
– used to cut frozen foods
– used to cut onto a marble, glass, stone or tile surface
– left submerged in water
– otherwise mistreated
then this invalidates your guarantee.

The following are not covered under guarantee and are considered normal wear and tear:
– scratches on the blade due to use of scourers or keeping the knife with other metal cutlery
– dulling (blunting) of the cutting edge
– nicks/chips out of the cutting edge
– darkening of the copper bands (this is due to oxidation and can be reversed, to some extent, by rubbing lemon or lime juice over the copper bands)
– appearance of rust spots (stainless steel corrodes much less than normal steel, but is not 100% rust free)

If there is minor damage to your knife but it is not covered under guarantee, please visit our care section to see how to repair it. If you do not feel confident in repairing your knife yourself, check out our knife sharpening and repair service.

If your knife has a manufacturing fault, you are entitled to a repair or replacement, free of charge. Please follow our returns procedure below.


If you are not fully satisfied with your product, you can return it within a period of 14 days from date of purchase for a full refund. The product has to be in perfect condition such that it could be sold again. Please return the product following the procedure below. Once we receive the item, we will process your refund within 30 days.


To return a TOG product, please email giving your name, the product you are returning and the reason you are returning it. Stating the reason helps us improve our products and services. Please then post your product to the following address:

Returns Department

TOG Knives Ltd.

c/o DEVLND Ltd,

195 South Liberty Lane,



Please use the original packaging if possible and MAKE SURE ALL KNIVES ARE PACKAGED VERY SECURELY so that they cannot pierce the packaging even if the package is dropped. See the Royal Mail advice on packing sharp objects. Returning the goods to us is at your own expense and risk and we advise using a postal service with insurance against loss and damage.


If you have any queries about our guarantee or returns policy, please email