Petty ペティーナイフ

Utility Knife (4¾”/12.5cm)

The Japanese name for this type of small utility knife is a 'Petty knife. The TOG Petty knife is light and agile and perfect for smaller work like paring and slicing. It also has a very useful sharp point and works really well for light butchery eg chicken.

Petty ペティーナイフ - $259.00 USD
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Office 皮むきナイフ

Paring Knife (3”/7.5cm)
For paring/peeling (food hand-held) and for precise slicing of small items like garlic or shallots. It is also great for cleaning, carving, scoring or removing rind.
Office <sup>皮むきナイフ</sup>
Office 皮むきナイフ details
Office <sup>皮むきナイフ</sup>