Nakiri 菜切り

Vegetable Knife (6½”/17cm)

This characteristic Japanese rectangular blade shape is ideal for vegetables and has gained the Nakiri quite a cult following. Its thin blade slices easily and its large surface can be used to scoop up food and carry it around. We've added a little curve to allow some “rock-chopping” as well as up/down chopping and the rounded corner prevents it catching on the board.

Nakiri 菜切り - $412.00 USD
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Mini Bunka コブンカ

Vegetable Chopper (5½”/14cm)
The Mini Bunka is really easy to handle and perfect for chopping small to medium fruit and veg. It's a slightly more compact alternative to the Santoku.
Mini Bunka <sup>コブンカ</sup>
Mini Bunka コブンカ details
Mini Bunka <sup>コブンカ</sup>