Sometimes products fail our strict quality inspection. We offer these 'seconds' at 25% below the normal retail price. They have minor cosmetic defects but function 100% as well as our standard products. Seconds are covered against manufacturing defects under the TOG Lifetime Guarantee but minor cosmetic defects are not covered.

Our Archive is also where you will find products which are being phased out, unsold stock from collaborations, limited editions etc.

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Save $10.00
Higonokami Classic SecondHigonokami Classic Second
Higonokami Classic Second Sale price$29.00 Regular price$39.00
Save $21.00
Higonokami Stainless SecondHigonokami Stainless Second
Higonokami Stainless Second Sale price$62.00 Regular price$83.00
Save $108.00
Sujihiki SecondSujihiki Second
Sujihiki Second SLICING / CARVING KNIFE (10¼”/26CM) Sale price$326.00 Regular price$434.00
Save $81.00
LESTRANGE x TOG 24 TrouserLESTRANGE x TOG 24 Trouser
LESTRANGE x TOG 24 Trouser REGENERATIVE COTTON, BLACK Sale price$83.00 Regular price$164.00
Save $116.00
Knife Block SecondKnife Block Second
Knife Block Second Sale price$346.00 Regular price$462.00
Save $40.00
Belgian Blue SecondBelgian Blue Second
Belgian Blue Second HAND-MADE NATURAL WHETSTONE Sale price$120.00 Regular price$160.00
Save $24.00
Strop SecondStrop Second
Strop Second TOG X BILLY TANNERY STROP (35 X 6.5 X 4CM) Sale price$75.00 Regular price$99.00

Used weekly on Saturday Kitchen Live BBC1


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