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TOG Cocktail Competition


July 2022 With record temperatures here in Blighty and chaotic airport travel, we’re beginning to think there’s no place like home. So grab a few friends and whip up one of our delicious summer ...

Aktar Islam Michelin Star Chef

An interview with Michelin Star Chef Aktar Islam

Aktar is a true example of how creativity comes from adversity. He reacted to the impact of lock-downs by developing a way of delivering Michelin-star restaurant quality food even after it’s been f...

Anaori Kakugama

The Anaori Kakugama

The Anaori Kakugama is a cooking pot carved from a single block of raw carbon graphite. Its innovative design comes from a pursuit of excellence and a fusion of modernity and tradition that is ubiq...

Do Sharp Knives Make Food Taste Better?

Do Sharp Knives Make Food Taste Better?

For me personally, the physical feeling that a super-sharp knife brings when it glides through food is why kitchen knives are my passion.

Mark McCabe Ethicurean Chef

Is looking back the way forward for British wheat?

Chef Mark McCabe writes about the current global and British wheat supply chain - and where to buy excellent, non-commodity flour from farmers doing things differently.

Offensive Weapons Act (2019) - UK Knife Law Update

Offensive Weapons Act (2019) - UK Knife Law Update

Changes have been made to the UK Offensive Weapons Act (2019) that have come into force in April 2022. Find out more...

Online Age Verification for Knives - A Guide for Customers

Online Age Verification for Knives - A Guide for Customers

Online age verification is now a requirement for sellers of knives. Learn how it works.

Westcombe Dairy Cheese Robot

Milk, Microbes, Mites and Robots – an Interview with Tom Calver, Cheesemaker

Tom Calver is Director and Head Cheesemaker at Westcombe Dairy in Somerset. I visited this beautiful place to see the dairy, cheese store and shop. I spoke with Tom who divulged the fascinating his...

Jack Cook Walter Rose and Sons

Some of the Best Cuts of Meat for BBQ - Advice From Master Butcher Jack Cook

Jack Cook, Master Butcher, runs Walter Rose & Son, recently Britain’s Butcher Shop of the Year. Jack tells us about his family history, the importance of provenance, and shares his tips for coo...

Knife superstition coin

Knife Rituals: Where Your Kitchen Knife Comes From And How You Should Use It

We create rituals around items of importance. We build customs around situations where there’s a chance of confusion or offence. For most of our existence, there were few things more essential to o...

cooking over fire - tips and techniques

cooking over fire - tips and techniques

Cooking over fire has recently exploded in the UK. We spent the day with the unstoppable Ross Anderson, founder of Roam Catering in Salisbury. Ross shared some of his vast knowledge on the subject ...

Kebony Villa in Vilnius

What is Kebony?

Kebony Villa in Vilnius, Lithuania I'm Bert, designer of TOG Knives. When I began researching handle materials for my Knives, I looked into a wide range of interesting products and tested nu...

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