This one will be a little different.

For the third year in a row TOG will be giving £10 to FareShare for every £100+ order we receive on Black Friday. However, this year, we are extending it to four days - Friday through Cyber Monday. We've also coupled this with a promotion to help people buy our kitchen knives and to boost our contribution to Fareshare.

What is FareShare?

In the UK every year 10 million tonnes of food waste is produced. Of this, 700,000 tonnes is perfectly good food surplus from the manufacturing, retail, hospitality and food service industries. Food and drink accounts for 20% of UK's CO2eq emissions, too. At the same time, 7 million people (that’s 10%) live in 'food insecure' homes, meaning that "their food intake is greatly reduced and children regularly experience physical sensations of hunger."

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors. It redistributes fresh, in-date and good-to-eat surplus food which would otherwise go to waste. This solves two problems at once. Kind of an obvious thing to do when you think about it. Oh, and apparently all this saves the UK economy £51m a year.

Fareshare Crisis Appeal

What is the TOG promotion?

With the cost of living crisis that’s going on, this Black Friday we’ve decided to also do something to help with the cost of buying our knives.

For a full 8 days from Mon 21st Nov through Mon 28th we are offering 20% off all individual kitchen knives at We encourage you to invest in quality this Christmas. Give a knife that will transform somebody’s food preparation experience and that will last them a lifetime.

This year Fareshare is not receiving enough donations to meet demand and has launched a crisis appeal.

Our plan is that our promotion will increase the number of orders we get over Black Friday weekend and therefore allow us to give more to FareShare. Every single order will buy 40 hot meals for families that really need them.


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