Introducing TOG X OUTLAW'S



This has been a long time in the making.

A very long time.

In the ten years TOG Knives has been a business, I've wanted to work with Nathan Outlaw for at least seven of them. Conversations to make that happen started with Nathan and his team nearly two years ago.

We can now say....

It's happening.

Thanks so much to Luke Rance and Studio Danvers for putting together this short film which serves as a beautiful introduction to TOG's new official ambassador:

Both of Nathan's restaurants in Port Isaac, Cornwall have Michelin stars and Outlaw's New Road has also received a rare 10/10 from the Good Food Guide.

Nobody cooks fish like Nathan.

My desire to work with him went beyond accolades, though. There is a ’South West’ connection for sure, but more importantly, I believe TOG and OUTLAW'S share a passion for excellence, innovation and sustainability. And he's just such a LOVELY MAN.

“Nathan is a man that everyone loves as much as they respect. There could be no better ambassador for TOG."

We spent some time in Port Isaac brainstorming with Nathan about what we can do together (and eating some mind-blowing fish).

For Christmas 2023 we are launching two new sets, curated by the man himself. Each consists of one of Nathan’s amazing cookbooks, plus two TOG knives that Nathan has picked out as key tools.

He’s created one set for professional chefs and another with keen amateur cooks in mind.

Bert Beagley-Brown and Nathan Outlaw

We’ve already generated lots of other ideas that we can’t wait to get started on too. 

Watch this space. 

by Bert Beagley-Brown

13th December 2023




In celebration of our partnership with TOG Ambassador Nathan Outlaw, we're giving three lucky winners the chance to win two TOG and Outlaw's prizes.

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