Blade Guards

Made in the UK from recycled ABS plastic, our blade guards are essential if you intend to keep your knives in a drawer. They protect the cutting edge of the knife as well as the blade surface.

They are also essential if you store your knives in a leather knife roll and handy if you want to take knives on a self-catering or camping trip.

Note that every kitchen knife we sell comes with a free blade guard.

5 products

Blade Guard ABlade Guard A
Blade Guard A FOR OFFICE KNIFE (25X120MM) Sale price$16.00
Blade Guard BBlade Guard B
Blade Guard B FOR PETTY KNIFE (33X150MM) Sale price$18.00
Blade Guard CBlade Guard C
Blade Guard C FOR MINI BUNKA, SANTOKU AND NAKIRI KNIVES (57X190MM) Sale price$22.00
Blade Guard DBlade Guard D
Blade Guard D FOR GYUTO / CHEF KNIFE (57X250MM) Sale price$25.00
Blade Guard EBlade Guard E
Blade Guard E FOR SUJIHIKI & PANKIRI KNIVES (40X285MM) Sale price$27.00

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