TOG's Introduction to Knife Sharpening

This article could change your life.

Well, a bit. 



I have been on this journey and I know lots of people who have too.

It starts with a frustration (trying to cut things with blunt knives).

Then a curiosity (about how to stop them being blunt).

Then more frustration (when you don't know why you can't make them sharp).

Then it can go one of three ways:

1. You decide not to bother. You will be using blunt knives for the rest of your life. You stay frustrated. This is not the one to choose. Especially if you've invested in a decent knife.

2. You decide sharpening isn't for you and to leave it to the professionals. TOG has a postal sharpening service and we will sharpen your knives the traditional way, with Japanese whetstones by hand.

Scott McLellan who runs TOG's postal sharpening and repair service

3. You decide to persist until you can make a dull knife sharp again. This won't happen instantly. But it's worth it, I assure you. When you get confident with knife sharpening a whole world is opened up. Firstly, all your knives will be sharp. Forever. And for free. Secondly, you will have learned a new skill that is so satisfying you will really enjoy the ceremony. You'll be sharpening your friends' knives too. I know it.

All your knives will be sharp. Forever. And for free. 


Some inspiration.

That's really all I want to say for now.

There are lots of other questions you might have about knife sharpening. I've written this collection of articles specifically to try to answer them in the most helpful way possible.

Please come on this journey.

Please choose option 3.




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